Meet Dr. Ohood Alharbi MScFN, P.hD. 

Nutrigenomics Experts 

Dr. Ohood has been consulting using nutrigenomics testing for 3 years. Her business Personalize My Diet was feature in StartUpHere Toronto in 2018. She worked in an executive member's clinics and consulted clients with multiple health conditions using DNA testing for personalized nutrition recommendations. One of the best moments she had during her consultations is the "Aha! I knew it! it makes sense now". Genetics test results are like the body manual, they do not determine the future of disease risk; instead, it provides guidelines on how your body deals with food and how food affects your body metabolism. 

Dr. Ohood also consulted competitor athletes, and helped many during their weight loss journey. 

Her slogan is:

"Eating according to your genes is like bene genetic optimist, because your choices are what influence your genetics outcomes!"